Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Peter Konig

Peter probably does will not remember this but some 7 or 8 years ago while working on my thesis for graduate school, I decided to email a creature maquette sculptor named Peter Konig. I wanted to get advice on how to handle certain features of my own character sculpt. I also wrote two other character sculptors at the time, but Peter was the only one out of the group to provide really good, constructive criticism of my sculpt. Peter gave me lots of help and useful tips especially in the areas of anatomy, research, and using nature as a guide. He also gave me one of the best complements, which included a comparison of a really famous, well know sculptors in the business, Ray Harryhausen. I have always been a huge fan of Harryhausen's work, so reading that comparison was a huge up-lift in my spirits. Besides, Ray Harryhausen was one reason why I wanted to make creature sculpts and tell stories. I have always followed the works of Peter, and advise other sculpting artists, both traditional and digital, to check out his work. Peter will be teaching an online class for http://www.zbrushworkshops.com/ called, "Creature sculpting with Peter Konig." Check out the site and his work, http://www.peterhkonig.com/#!/. If Peter ever gets a chance to read this, thanks again!

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